Oct 11

Red Sox eliminate the Yankees
Ok, So October is one if the best months of the year for sports. That is if you are ok with every sport overlapping and you sitting on the couch 12 hours a day every weekend.

I mean, Baseball played 162 games and still they had to play two tiebreakers just to get to the Wild Card Games…Free Baseball...I get it, but there’s football to watch and the replay of Nascar’s chaotic race in Charlotte.
                                             Restarts are always crazy

Not to mention the Ryder Cup Golf…OK, I won’t mention it….
Baseball’s playoffs are underway,  Nascar’s  into their playoffs, High School Football is halfway through their season, College Football Bowl Rankings are about to come out and the NFL is almost half over….

I’m just glad that we have all that recording stuff on our TV…trying to watch all sports all the time would drive you crazy. Between my wife’s favorite weekly shows (including House Hunters international) and all the racing stuff I have recorded, we average around 25 recorded shows a week
Then comes Saturday, Youth Soccer in Orlando(Grand son) , home in time for the noon kickoff..!

New Orleans Saints QB Drew Brees is now the NFL all time leading passer in the history of the league....In a win against the Redskins, he threw a 62 yard Touchdown Pass , to break Peyton Manning’s record and finished with 72,103 yards for his 18 year career…Which is not over yet!
Twelve hours later, I finally give up on the late West Coast Games and go to bed……

Sunday brings Church, Lunch, NFL and Nascar…

I’m tired just thinking about it…!
I was doing a Sports Report on a friends Morning Radio Show this morning, and he asked me if I remembered when there was down time between

Sports Seasons…
Oh, I remember all right…I just don’t have time to reminisce…gotta go watch the playoff game….
And get ready for some Football….

Or, I might check the recordings and see if there’s an old race I haven’t seen yet….

Or maybe a House Hunters rerun!
Oct  3
That picture is definitely a flashback from long ago!  And It's just to say that I've been around a long time here in Central Florida. I've seen'em come and I've seen'em go...and I've been on scholarship the whole time. It's been great!
Now here in 2018, it's time to keep on keeping up with sports as well as all of Central Florida. Though I began in Orlando and still love it there (minus the I-4 traffic, of course) - my lovely wife Karin and I have a new home in Daytona Beach Shores and I have a radio home on WSBB radio New Smyrna Beach.






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Nov 26

Thanksgiving is arguably the best weekend in College Football.

Turkey and your favorite team playing your least favorite team.

What’s not to like about that?

Florida vs. Florida State, Alabama vs. Auburn, Ohio State vs. Michigan.

And now, UCF vs. South Florida.

There are many others, depending on what part of the country you happen to be from.

Rivalries are everywhere! We can’t do without them. Heck, there are two ole boys from Florida State that get painted up and covered with sparkles for every home game. One Garnet, the otherGold. You’ve probably seen them on the front row at every Noles home game. Love to know how they get that stuff off after the game, but I’m afraid to ask. (they wouldn’t leave it on all season would they?)

Oh, there’s other schools with traditions. Alabama and Auburn do some pretty weird things involving toilet paper and stuff!
Yea, rivalries are great, and sometimes even the football games are good!


Don’t know what y’all do with your time between the end of regular football season and the Bowl Games. We do have Army – Navy this weekend, and I do love that game!

So, I’m thinking I can go on line this week and get some Christmas shopping done (OK, for all of you who are not doing the online thing, you can call me out)

I get my list of people we’re going to send gifts to this year, find the perfect gift, and pick up the phone to get started.

Fast forward four hours, and I’m setting here with my head about to explode! Mainly because of the darn automated phone answering systems. No matter who or where you are calling, you get the same thing! “thank you for calling (fill in the blank here)..Please listen carefully, because our menu options have changed”. Ok, for the most part, that message hasn’t changed since that company was a start up!

Here’s the part that makes me crazy.

“This conversation is being recorded for quality assurance purposes.” What the heck does that mean?

They never assured me the quality was ASSURED!

And now my all time favorite. “this conversation is being recorded for training purposes”

I mean, who did they train with it? Surely not the person that picked up the phone 45 minutes later and asks “  Who do I have the pleasure of serving today?”

Pretty sure it won’t be me !
Man, the Army – Navy game can’t get here quick enough for me!
My lovely wife Karin asked….”What is a Transfer Portal” ?

I told her not to worry. It is not contagious, unless you are a backup quarterback at an NCAA school!

Funny, but until recently nobody had ever heard of a transfer portal. Oh, I know lots of players transfer to other schools if they are not getting enough playing time. I just don’t remember it having a name till recently. Remember  Kelly Bryant? He  transferred when he lost his QB  job at Clemson.  I think he transferred to Missouri. (guess he made it through the portal ok)
Here’s what I think it is.  There are two kinds of players in the
portal. One is a graduate student with some playing eligibility left.

Example:  Graduate transfer Brandon Winbush is announcing he is transferring to UCF and will be ready to play next season. Brandon was the starting quarterback for Notre Dame in 2017. Started three games in 2018, then lost the starting job to Ian Book.

I wonder if Winbush ran into Alabama’s Jalen Hurts while he was in the transfer portal? Jalen passed through on his way to Oklahoma.

Anyway Jalen and Brandon are graduates and can play next season . One type of transfer portal.
Then there is Justin Fields, who is transferring from Georgia to Ohio State. He is an undergraduate and will sit out for a year to gain eligibility.

That’s the other type of guy in the portal.

So there, that is how the now famous and evidently very popular Transfer Portal should work.

If you still don’t get it, Google it!

Now, I’m going to lunch!  Should I go through the Transfer Portal or just take the main road!


Did you watch NFL Football all afternoon yesterday?

Yeah, so did I!

Some great plays, unfortunately we won’t be talking about them leading up to the Super Bowl.

All we will talk about for the next two weeks is how the LA Rams defensive back interfered with the Saints wide receiver inside the five yard line late in the NFC Championship Game in New Orleans and the game tied at 20.
In all likelihood, the Saints would have scored the go ahead touchdown and won the game in regulation. But that did not happen!

Oh, it was interference all right. The league has already contacted the New Orleans Saints. Confirmed the missed call, said it was interference and helmet to helmet.

Thanks for coming!

“What! That’s it? We’re staying home and the Rams are going to the Super Bowl all because your officiating crew blew a critical call, a call that cost us the game?”

Don’t know for sure that’s what they said, but we do know the league did contact Saint’s Coach Sean Payton, to - I don’t know… say they were sorry? Yes. It was Interference and Helmet to Helmet contact. But we can’t do anything about it now. 
Here’s what I can’t understand. They can review just about everything these days, so why not review that “No Call”?
Bottom Line. They didn’t.

And the Rams went on to win in Overtime. They will face the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl on Feb. 3. And I just realized I have spent a whole page talking about that one call that the Saints will never get back! But I feel better already!

Rolex 24 HOURS OF DAYTONA 2019

History will show the # 10 Cadillac DPI Won the Rolex 24 hours of Daytona in 2019!

Clearly, the weather was the winner in this ‘twice around the clock’, well almost ‘twice around the clock’ endurance race. It was officially called with ten minutes to go on the running clock and all the cars sitting on pit road. They had been sitting there for almost two hours.  It was so bad that the best drivers in the world didn’t want to be on the track. They couldn’t see where they were going, and at nearly 200 miles per hour, “That ain’t good”

All that being said, in all my years of covering races, those were the worst conditions I’ve ever seen!

This race had it all!

Over an inch of rain in 7 hours, temperature’s in the mid 50’s and winds 15 to 20 miles an hour.

I’ve seen better weather in a Hurricane!

Anyway, officials were doing everything they could to put on a race. They tried Green Flags, Red Flags, Cautions and finally Red and Checkers at the same time.

And a big “Shout out” to the fans who braved the elements to support their favorite driver. They should be the ones getting the Rolex watch that goes to the race winners!

That perk will go to Jordan Taylor, Renger Van Der Vande, Kamui Kobayashi and Fernando Alonzo, overall winners in the Rolex 24 hours of Daytona.

Now, if you will excuse me, I am going to get out of these wet clothes and get ready for Speed Weeks!

GETTING READY FOR SUPER BOWL SUNDAY……….Random thoughts from a sports geek, yup that’s me!

Don’t know about you, but I’ve never liked the two weeks between NFL championship games and the Super Bowl. It’s just hard for the two teams in the game to live up to two weeks of non-stop hype.

Fortunately, we had the Rolex 24 hours of Daytona to distract us for the first week.

Ok, that works because the race had plenty drama of its own to distract us! What with all the rain on Sunday. But that’s behind us now and we’re full speed to “THE GAME”. Super Bowl 53 !
New England Patriots versus those upstart Los Angeles Rams. (third season back in L.A.)

As always, the “Media Day” was insane! Folks who would never be seen at a football game during the regular season show up and ask some of the dumbest questions you ever heard.

Do you have the usual Super Bowl hangover? Yea, I do too! But not from consuming too much adult beverages.  Nope, don’t touch the stuff,
I’m talking about boring football. You know, the kind we pass off as outstanding defense. I admit, there was some good defense played by both the New England Patriots and the Los Angeles Rams. But, a lot can be attributed to bad offense.

The Rams offense could not click like it did in the playoff games. And if not for Julian Edelman, the Patriots would have been just about as ineffective (notice I didn’t say bad).

So here’s what I think should happen with the Super Bowl Game (I know nobody cares what I think should happen). 

Play through!

Don’t mess with that extra week between the Championship Games and the Super Bowl. I think the extra time just throws some guys timing off (see Jerrod Goff).

Years ago, a so-called reporter asked Doug Williams how long he had been a Black  Quarterback!

Seriously? After a moment to digest that stupid question, Doug replied “all my life”

Or how about the men who show up in dresses (you can’t make this stuff up) and ask questions that have absolutely no connection to football, or anything else !

Okay, that’s enough about Media Day at the Super Bowl. (that’s 30 seconds of your life you will never get back)

For the game, It’s the 9th time Tom Brady and Bill Billichick have been there.  They are 5-3.
Brady is 41 years old and his counterpart with the Rams, Jerrod Goff is 24. And there is as wide a gap between the coaches ages as well. Does it make any difference?

Well, give a slight edge to age and experience because the people who know, have installed the

Patriots as three and a half point favorites.

But enough about “THE GAME”

Will you make any “prop bets” this year? Will the coin toss be heads or tails? How long will it take for Gladys Knight to perform the National Anthem? What color will the liquid be that gets dumped on the winning coach?

Oh, I gotta go now – there’s some new Super Bowl hype coming on TV!

They have already played 16 or 17 weeks, so just keep going and take the regular 10 minutes at halftime. End the season and move on. I mean, two weeks between games? And a loooong halftime show?

Thousands of prop bets and the game takes on a circus atmosphere! Seldom will the game match the two weeks of hype! Not to mention the weeks of TV and Radio stupid questions and answers (wait, that would be me)

Gladys Knight was great singing the National Anthem, the Fly Over was cool! After the game, the Blue Gatorade bath was fun to watch!

In between , Patriots 13 Rams 3! Come on Man!

Meanwhile, The Alliance of American Football starts this weekend.
“Are you ready for some MORE Football?


February is in the rearview mirror and not a minute too soon!  I mean, it’s March already and we have Supercross, Bike Week, and the Arnold Palmer Invitational PGA Tour Event.

And did I mention baseball, and the “Big Dance”?

I love February!  It means it’s another Speed Weeks at Daytona International Speedway. (actually it starts the last week in January with the Rolex 24 Hours of Daytona). Don’t know about you, but I love racin!  Grew up around the short tracks in West Virginia, then all the great racing here in Central Florida.

Speedweeks is always special if you like cars. There’s plenty of racing as well as great car shows…plenty of events to get up close and personal with the best drivers in the world…no matter the kind of car.

Ford introduced their new Mustang for the Monster Energy Cup Series (Camaro came in last year) And Mustangs were fast all during Speedweeks. Won both qualifying races. But the Daytona 500 belonged to Joe Gibbs Racing.  JGR went one, two, three in The Great American Race!

Denny Hamlin won in the number 11 Toyota. Kyle Busch second and Erik Jones third.

But the story line for the race is something even Hollywood couldn’t come up with.
Just a month or so before Speedweeks, J.D. Gibbs, son of The Coach, passed away with a neurological condition. JD was instrumental in putting together Joe Gibbs Racing and it has become one of the most successful racing teams in Nascar.  JD’s favorite number all through his high School and college football career, was number 11. That was the number he wore.
Denny Hamlin carried a number 11 JD sticker on the car. Go look for yourself! It’s in the Daytona Experience located at the Speedway.

Don’t know what your favorite make of automobile is, or if you go by the old adage, “win on Sunday, sell on Monday”,  but you couldn’t go wrong if you bought a Camaro, a Mustang or a Toyota.

Camaro took the first four spots in qualifying, Mustang won both Heats in the Duels at Daytona.

And Toyota took the first three spots in the Daytona 500.  Wow.

And to top it all off, that was the last race where Nascar will use that dreaded “restricter plate” (unless they decide to use it again) and just like  the term orange grove and cassette players , “the big one” is history!

Wait, we are talking about Nascar drivers here. “have at it boys”

And THAT was February.

Hey Mr. Palmer, Thanks for the memories!

This week, the Arnold Palmer Invitational presented by Mastercard, is being played at Arnold Palmer’s Bay Hill Club and Lodge. This is one of the top events on the PGA Tour each year, thanks mostly to Arnold Palmer.

I met Mr. Palmer back in 1966. They were going to have a PGA event in Orlando at the Rio Pinar Country Club in East Orlando. Seems like everybody who was anybody in Orlando at that time was involved in the tournament. It was not only considered a huge sporting event, but an even larger community get together!

Top players from the PGA Tour were there, including Arnold Palmer. The field was full of star power, in addition to Palmer. The likes of Sam Snead, Doug Sanders, Lee Trevino and Julius Boros.

As it turned out, the radio station I worked for was able to secure the broadcast rights to the event because it was a community service for the station.

I was fairly new to the station at that time, and hadn’t done any sports yet (always thought I wanted to be in sales where the big money is…)

I’ll Just say this, up until then, nobody had ever done live stroke by stroke coverage of golf. But this station was determined to do it. I think they recruited everybody in the station to work it but me. But I have to tell you, the run through on pro am day didn’t go so well.

I was standing on the eighteenth green with the stations General Manager when he said something about what the broadcast sounded like. I made a comment and he turned to me and said “do you know how to do this”? I said I do!   (actually I didn’t have a clue…)

By the start of the first round of the tournament, we had a different crew and went live for six hours.

It was the first time in my life I had ever even seen a golf tournament!  It must have gone okay though cause I’m still friends with the radio station and the PGA Tour!!

They moved the tournament to Arnold Palmer’s Bay Hill Club and Lodge in 1979,and from 1994 to 2014 I was privileged  to serve as Mr. Palmer’s Media Director. A little side- note here... In those early years, the media center served lunch meat, bread and drinks. This week, at the Arnold Palmer Invitational, the media center will serve meals worthy of a five- star restaurant.
One day, many years ago, just hanging around, I said to Mr. Palmer how accommodating he was back in the day when I first started broadcasting golf.
I remember telling him, I was new  to the game back then and didn’t have a clue what I was doing!

He looked at me and said, “Do you think I didn’t know you didn’t know what you were doing?” We all had a big laugh!

He’s gone, but he will always be remembered as one of the finest gentlemen in in the game of Golf. Or anywhere else for that matter!


Over the years, I’ve had the privilege of attending several Masters Golf Tournaments in Augusta, Georgia thanks to my wonderful family who’ve had tickets for years. So, I don’t go as a member of the Media, but as a spectator. Because of all my years of covering golf, I pretty much work and hang around the media center and changing to spectator is fun.

The Masters is a totally different experience.  First off, the venue is spectacular! All colors of azaleas are blooming (the place used to be a nursery), hundreds of real birds are chirping, the grass is so green it looks photo-shopped and the challenging hills are everywhere! Of course, they always have a top field of the world’s best players too.

Being there this year and watching great golf by several players including Tiger Woods, it was the best golf tournament I have ever witnessed. (and I’ve watched Tiger up close as he won 8 times at the Arnold Palmer Invitational).

Just to be on the grounds at Augusta National is special!

This year the golf was outstanding, and until the 12th hole on Sunday, at least 6 golfers looked like they could win.

But in the end, it was Tiger Woods making a remarkable comeback after 4 back surgeries and 4 knee surgeries. And just two years ago, even he thought he was done.

I don’t know if you’re a Tiger fan or not, but you have to appreciate where he came from to get back to the top of the golfing universe! This is his 5th Masters title and 15th Major overall. Incredible.

Can he Catch Jack Nicklaus at 18 Majors? Don’t know, but this week Tiger Woods showed he can be one of the best golfers on the planet.

In my opinion, there was the old Tiger and now there’s the new Tiger.
I’ll take the new guy all day long! 

  April in the rear- view mirror

Looking back on April, I realize I’ve already blogged about the Masters Golf Tournament.

Well, about Tiger Woods really!

So, I want to make this about the Masters Golf Course and the people associated with the tournament.

First off, the golf course is beautiful...unbelievably beautiful. It’s fun just to go and walk around the place. Actually, I never follow a player or a group. Seems I just wander around from hole to hole, looking at stuff, eating and bumping into people I know. It’s a great place for a walk. To say it’s hilly is an understatement…it’s really hilly… something that’s hard to realize on television. Ask the players, they’ll tell you “it’s hilly”.  And well- maintained too…as in practically perfect!

(duh, it’s the Augusta National Golf Course)

It’s a great event to have on your bucket list, but only if you don’t mind walking up and down hills.

Yea, it’s great to be able to go to The Masters, but for us (Karin and me) it’s also all about getting to spend time with our family. For years, my kin folks in Columbia, South Carolina have had tickets to the tournament. Purchased about 45 years ago and renewed every year since. (I come from a family of smart people). Masters tickets are almost impossible to get now, even for practice rounds. There’s a lottery, not a direct ticket sale. So, we go to Columbia each year in April, hang with family, eat a lot of home cooked meals and go to the Masters Golf Tournament. And always end with a visit to the famous gift shop at the golf course. So much great stuff, so hard to resist (so says my lovely wife)! So says my credit card!!

It’s been a goal for many years to get through that shop for less than a hundred dollars, but that ain’t gonna happen! Oh well, who cares! It’s the Masters, it’s about family and a good walk on some steep hills and oh yea! A golf tournament that’s a pretty big deal!

And that’s April in the rear view mirror!


Looking back, May was a pretty good sports month!!

It was a big month for the PGA, the NBA and, to my thinking, the Biggest Day in Auto Racing.

There were three different types of racing in three different parts of the world.  Wow!  The Grand Prix of Monaco, the Indianapolis 500 and the World 600 in Charlotte.  I mean, 14 straight hours of Auto Racing! 

And I watched all of it.

My interest in Formula one racing stems from the fact that we were in Monaco last year just two weeks after the race. So this year I knew the course and although there is very little passing in Formula One, well, at least up front,… I would call out every place I recognized to my lovely wife Karin, who just looked and said “yep, we were there”.  And this went on for a couple hours before they could announce Lewis Hamilton as the race winner.

At Indy, it was a good couple of weeks for Penske Racing. His driver, Simon Pagenaud, won the Indy Grand Prix on the road course and the famed speedway then won the pole for the Indianapolis 500; then they won the race (happens to be a contract year for Simon).

Then, groggy and bleary eyed from so much watching, I got set for Nascar’s longest race, The World 600!

Martin Truex Jr. won that race!

And another marathon of race-watching ended!

In 14 hours, we went from the scenic Principality of Monaco on the French Rivera, to the town of Speedway, Indiana and finally to North Carolina (the second home of many retired Floridians). Three different kinds of racing, in three very different locations of the world.

And for one great day of the year, I got to experience it all!

Oh yeah… The NBA finals are underway and Brooks Koepka won another Major Golf Tournament.

We’ll see if June can top that!

And that my friends is May in the Rear View Mirror!


Looking back, June was a good sports month.

In Racing, there was the 24 Hours of Lemans, winner Fernando Alonso….

And Ross Chastain, a frequent guest on the show with me, won a Trucks race.

Golf featured the U.S. Open.

And the Women’s World Cup Soccer was the center of the sports universe for a month.  Whew!

We were in France last year during the 24 Hours of Lemans. It’s a huge deal over there!

The Race has some of the best drivers in the world (and some of the worst) but regardless, racing for 24 hours in all kinds of weather makes it very exciting.

With all the stuff going on around the race, you might want to put this on your “Bucket List” if you happen to be in France in June.

Otherwise, we’ll see you in Daytona in January for the Rolex 24 hours of Daytona. Same guys, but closer to home.

The Daytona International Speedway is about a driver and a seven iron from our condo!

Meanwhile, Ross Chastain won a Trucks race and qualified for the playoffs.

And won in Xfinity at Daytona, but that was in July!   Oops…

The 119th United States Open golf tournament was interesting. It was won by Gary Woodland.

And it was interesting because it was played at Pebble Beach Golf Links. He beat Brooks Koepka by 3 shots.

Gary Woodland WAS Brooks Koepka a few years back. He turned pro in 2009 and is known as one of the longest hitters on tour. The Open was his fourth win on the PGA Tour. Though he has had injuries during his career, that’s all behind him now.

Now he is a “Major Winner” on the PGA Tour.

Women’s Soccer is puzzling!

I really root hard for them to win in international competition, otherwise, I couldn’t care less if they win. But the World Cup is a big stage and the USA team is really good!  Sooo….

USA 2 Netherlands 0…and that’s it for the title.

The women are lobbying for more money and I hope they get it. They don’t get paid enough for what they do and accomplish! But, politically, I don’t want to hear it!

Our son put it in perspective. He’s a Marine and fought in Iraqi Freedom. He said “Dad, that’s the reason we fight, so Americans can say what they want “

Good point!

Now, I need to mash the gas and move forward into July!

And that’s June in the rear- view mirror!
                                   July in the Rear- View Mirror
July had a few surprises in the win column!

First, the “Champion Golfer of the Year” at the British Open Golf Tournament….
Then a youngster winning the Firecracker 400 (Coke Zero Sugar 400)
Then at the Daytona International Speedway…..Didn’t see that coming!

The British Open returned to Northern Ireland for the first time in many years, and they were determined to put on a show for the rest of the world .

“The Open” was played at Royal Portrush. A beautiful golf course, and Ireland put its hopes on three players. Or so they thought. World ranked Rory Mcilroy, Grahame Mcdowell and Darren Clarke.

Mcilroy couldn’t make the cut! Their goes the best chance for Ireland.

Then Clarke couldn’t get it done either and Graham hung in there but no Claret Jug this year. 

But hey now, hold everything, what about Shane Lowry…? Never gave him a second thought! And evidently the Irish didn’t give a thought to him having a chance to win !
As things began to unfold at Royal Portrush, Lowry just kept grinding it, even with the world’s number one golfer, Brooks Koepka, putting the pressure on. Then came Tommy Fleetwood and Tony Finau. Surely Lowry will fold…But after four rounds, Lowry was 15 under par and beat ended up beating Fleetwood by 6 shots!

Shane Lowry, an Irishman, won “the Open” in Ireland.  Wow!

Now let’s talk Daytona earlier in July. Justin Haley won the Coke Zero Sugar 400 at the Speedway!

Yes! That Justin Haley from the Xfinity Series! A rare ride in Cup! The most improbable upset in Nascar History? Maybe, but remember Trevor Bayne and Derrick Cope.
Here is how Haley won it… The race was scheduled for 160 laps, but there was weather in the area.  Duh! July in Florida!

Race stopped on lap 127. The leaders had decided to pit earlier when they thought they would go racing again. Then after a 2 hour wait for lightning to stop, the race was called and Justin Haley , hanging out in the drivers area in the infield, was declared the winner.

He stayed out when everybody else pitted. And he became the last July race winner at the World Center of Racing.  Next year it will be moved to August. And I have nothing else to say about that!

And that my friends is July in the rear view mirror!

                                   AUGUST IN THE REAR VIEW MIRROR

Just like everything else in the path of Hurricane Dorian, this “August in the rear view mirror” was postponed for a while…..

Luckily, Dorian took a right turn away from the Florida Coast, and we just got a lot of rain and wind….

But that doesn’t make it any less tedious…I mean, setting for a couple days watching it rain and watching the wind blowing. I think they call it “cabin fever”. That’s what we got in August….you would think we would be used to Hurricanes…after living in Florida for so many years…(and I think I know a little bit on how to prepare for one)….but still, there’s always the unknown…will it be a direct hit?   What category will it be when it gets here? Which direction will it come from?...I remember when we were young, all the great hurricane parties we had….now it’s caulk the windows, bring in the outdoor furniture, check on the kids…

You do learn to deal with them, but I don’t think you ever get used to them…each one has it’s own unique character!  Then we give them a name, and the weather forecasters become super stars for a week! They go out in the storm, put on the rain gear and find a spot where they have to lean into the wind to keep from getting blown out of the camera shot…

But I can think of worse places to be...Dolphin’s stadium when they’re playing anybody is just one!

Anywhere around Tom Coughlin when he saw Jalen Ramsey get in his coach’s face is another…

Or in the USA locker room after losing the Solheim cup to Europe!  Whoa….
Uh oh! I gotta go! Just got another Tropical Depression alert from the weather channel!

Race stopped on lap 127. The leaders had decided to pit earlier when they thought they would go racing again. Then after a 2 hour wait for lightning to stop, the race was called and Justin Haley , hanging out in the drivers area in the infield, was declared the winner.

He stayed out when everybody else pitted. And he became the last July race winner at the World Center of Racing.  Next year it will be moved to August. And I have nothing else to say about that!

And that my friends is July in the rear view mirror!